Turning GMB Messaging On / Off

GMB Messaging works with on Desktop Computer, Android and iPhone or tablet.

Set up On Desktop Computer

Open the Google My Business desktop application. It’s easiest to set up messaging on desktop. Once you’ve turned messaging on, you can message from your desktop computer or any Android or IOS device with the GMB App installed. https://business.google.com/ 

Step 1: Select A Location (Account)

When you log in you’ll see a list of locations (accounts) you have access to. Click on the one you’ll be using.

GMB Accounts

Step 2: GMB Account Home

After selecting a location, you’ll be at that location’s GMB Home page:

GMB Home

Step 3: Find “Messages” and “Messaging Settings”

Your desktop messaging is contained here once your account is turned on. You’ll be turning the message feature on here by clicking “Messaging Settings”

GMB Messages

Step 4: Turn Messages On (or Off)

Click the toggle bar to turn the message feature on or off.

Turn On Off

Step 5: Messaging Via Desktop

Now you can message with visitors who message your GMB Page

Desktop Message

Step 5: How Visitors Message You

Google adds a messaging functionality to the MOBILE VERSION of your GMB Listing.

Phone Messaging