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Chapter 12: How To Set Up Call History On Your Google Business Profile


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About Google Business Profile Call History

Google has been rolling out call history tracking. If Google has made it available for your business, you’ll see a “Calls” icon on your desktop Google Business Profile. You may also see a “See Call History Card” beneath the set of desktop icons. Finally, you’ll see a “calls” tab within the “performance” module. 

If you don’t see any of the above, Google has not made “Call History” available to you.

We explore each of the call history module sections within this chapter.

Call History via Desktop

Tracking Calls On Your Google Business Profile

Once you login (how to login) to your Google Business Profile via your desktop computer, you’ll see the “calls” icon. After clicking it, you’ll see the “Call History Log” which is explained in the next section of this chapter.

Call History Log

Clicking the “calls” icon will bring you to a screen similar to the one illustrated here. Google shows the number of answered calls and the number of missed calls for the time period selected.

Beneath that, you’ll see the call history. You can dial the number displayed by clicking the “call” icon next to the number.

For details on each call, click the “History” icon next to the number.

Call History Details
Call History Detail

Call Details For Each Call

Clicking the “History” icon from the previous screen brings you to a screen that looks like this. You can dial the number from this screen and see a little more specific details about the call.

See Call History Card

When logged into your Google Business Profile, via your desktop computer, you may see the “See call history” card. Clicking it will bring you to either the call history or to a screen to turn call history on.

Call History Card

Your Call History Metrics via Mobile


This tells you the number of calls that were initiated from your Google Business profile during the time period selected.

How It Works. If the “Call” feature is available for your business and you turn it on, Google provides a call forwarding number that’s different from the one on your profile, so that Google can track the calls (and only calls, text is not included). Google considers calls answered and calls sent to voicemail as “answered”.

Call Trends Chart.The chart makes it easy to see trends and compare the number of calls over various timeframes.

How To Use This Information. Depending upon your interactivity, you can assess the effectiveness of offers and posts you add to your profile. Are they increasing calls? Similarly, you can see if the addition of new products and services impacts the number of calls you receive.

Other Performance Metrics. Step by step instructions for getting the most from Google Business Profile Performance can be found in Chapter 15 of this Guide by clicking here.

Google Profile Call Metrics
Google Profile Missed Call Day Metrics

Calls Missed Each Day

This section displays a graph of calls missed each day of the week and highlights the day with the most missed calls.

How To Use This Information. You can easily see which days of the week require someone to answer calls. The next section shows you which time of day you miss the most calls.

Times You Missed Calls

This section displays a graph of calls missed throughout each day and highlights the time of day with the most missed calls.

How To Use This Information. You can easily see what time(s) you miss most calls and need more attention.

Google Profile Missed Call Time Metrics

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