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Chapter 13: How To Set Up Q & A On Your Google Business Profile


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Your Q&A via Desktop

Answering Common Questions On Your Google Business Profile

Once you login (how to login) to your Google Business Profile via your desktop computer, you’ll see the “Q&A” icon. After clicking it, you’ll be brought to the “Questions & Answer” screen. From there you’ll be presented with several options. We’ll explore each option in this Chapter.

Questions & Answer Screen

On this screen you’ll see existing questions, the ones that have been answered as well as those that remain unanswered.

You can answer an unanswered question, edit or delete both questions and answers and you can ask a new question.

We cover each in the sections that follow within this chapter.

Desktop Questions
Ask A Question via Desktop

Asking A Question

Clicking the “Ask a question” button located on the upper right portion of the of the previous screen brings you to this screen.

As you begin typing your question, Google will provide suggestions to assist you.

When you’re finished asking your question, click the “post” button to post it publicly (all questions become public).

Answering A Question

To answer a question, click the “answer” icon that’s located next to the “like” icon beneath the question.

To edit an answer click the “3 dots” located to the right of the existing answer. Click the “post” button when finished.

To delete a question or answer, click the “3 dots” located to the right of the question or answer and click “delete”.

Answering A Question
Answering an Unanswered Question
Editing an Answer
Answer Questions via Desktop

Your Q&A via Mobile

Questions & Answers

Locate the “Questions & answers” section of your Google Business Profile, located beneath the “contact” section.

To view Questions & Answers click the “see questions” link. Doing so will bring you the screen in the next section of this chapter.


Google Business Profile Mobile Q&A
Google Business Profile Mobile Viewing Questions and Answers

Viewing Q&A's

Clicking the “see questions” link from the previous screen will bring you to a screen as shown in the illustration. 

You can view questions, answers and likes.

On this screen, you can like a answer, edit an answer or delete an answer.

You can also ask new question from, edit an existing question or delete a question.

Asking A Question

To ask a question, click the “ask the community” link. Note that all questions and answers are posted publicly.

Google Business Profile Mobile Asking A Question
Google Business Profile Mobile Type In Your Question

Type In Your Question

After clicking the “ask the community” link, a dialog field will open. Type in your question. When finished, click “POST” link on the upper right portion of the screen.

Answering A Question

Answering a question on your phone is as simple as clicking the “answer” icon. Once you click the icon, an answer dialog field will open. When finished, tap the send “arrow” to post your answer.

Google Business Profile Mobile Answering A Question
Google Business Profile Mobile Thanks For Answering

Answer Acknowledgment

Google brings you to this “thanks for answering” screen which acknowledges that your answer has been posted.alls.

Google Business Profile Q&A Resources

Q&A Fill In The Blank Templates

This section displays a graph of calls missed throughout each day and highlights the time of day with the most missed calls.

How To Use This Information. You can easily see what time(s) you miss most calls and need more attention.

Done For You Q&A Service

This section displays a graph of calls missed each day of the week and highlights the day with the most missed calls.

How To Use This Information. You can easily see which days of the week require someone to answer calls. The next section shows you which time of day you miss the most calls.

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